Why Us

Reasons why you choose Reason2Smile Dental Clinic and its dentists for your all dental treatments in India, Patna, Bihar.

Why Us

Advanced dentistry is no more handled by a single dentist. Now there is specialization in every dental procedure and so they have their experts. Like endodontist are root canal treatment specialist , implantologist places the plant, orthodontist are braces specialist, oral surgeons are tooth extraction, jaw fracture and other surgical procedure expert, periodontist are gum disease expert, pedodontist takes care of child dental problems, so a proper dentistry is a multispeciality expertise. Also equipments are backbone of dentistry and these experts are trained to work on those equipments. We at Reasons 2 Smile are dedicated to provide the best service of international standard as we have both local as well as international patients. They reach us through our website which gives them all information and similar international standard. We are strict in infection control and strict sterilization protocol is followed at every stage. We follow proper biomedical waste disposal protocol. We use sterilized pouch instruments for every patient which is open in front of patient only. We use best dental xay and digital xray to minimize patient and doctor exposure to radiation . Xray is certified by Bhabha atomic research centre, Mumbai. We have lead aprons and collars and randiation dose is calculated every three months. Our quality and assurance is tested annually.

Proper diagnosis is key to success of any treatment. Once the diagnosis is done then it is passed to the concerned expert doctor. Dental treatment also need a good laboratory support for best artificial tooth prosthesis. Reasons 2 Smile dental clinic is collaborated with one of Indias best dental laboratory Illusion dental lab, Mumbai.

Our setup is best in India with best doctors, equipments, laboratory. Our soothing ambience with all amenities will make you feel special, calm and relaxed. Also we have zero waiting intervals for our patients. We store patient data securely forever with us and any time you can get access to that. A reminder is given for appointments, medicines or future follow ups for every patient.

We are located to prime location of patna with ample parking space and within 1 km reach of railway station and 5 km reach of airport.

Our set up

  • State of art multispeciality dental setup
  • Team of expert and best post graduated dental doctors with more than 10 years of clinical experience, Who also train upcoming dental doctors at various dental institutions.
  • Spacious clinic setup of almost 1500 square feet area.
  • Relaxing zone of 400 square feet with projectors, wi-fi, Amazon Prime , FM , Alexa , and magazine corners, so relax and enjoy your time with your mood.
  • Kids play areas with Swings, cartoons on projector screens and drawing activities keep them engaged and they don’t fear of a dental setup.
  • Refreshments including cold, warm, normal water and hot beverages including tea and coffee.
  • Special privilege for old age patient at ground floor only.
  • Ample parking space.
  • Washrooms available at every floor for patients.
  • Located at prime location of patna within 1 km radius of railway station and 5 kms from airport.
  • Advance dental setup with latest diagnostic tools.
  • Proper Biomedical waste management collaboration with Indira Gandhi Institute of medical sciences, Patna.
  • Fire safety licensed clinic.
  • Patient data managed through softwares to store the records for lifetime digitally. So you are just a click away to generate your even older treatment records with us.
  • Patient timely appointments and check up reminders sent on messages and whatsapp.
  • Digital payment options by Card, NEFT.

Disinfection and occupational safety

  • Strict sterilization and disinfection protocol is maintained for each and every patient and clinical staff.
  • Three tier instrument sterilization is followed for every patient consisting of cold(chemical and ultrasonic) sterilization, instrument packaging in sealed pouches, then autoclaved and finally stored in ultraviolet chambers.
  • Sterilized or autoclaved instruments are opened in front of patients.
  • Digital Xray machine for minimal radiation certified by Bhabha Atomic Research centre, Mumbai.
  • Radiation safety for patient and clinical staff and periodic monitoring of radiation in clinic.
  • Lead apron and thyroid collars for preventing unnecessary radiation exposure to other parts of body.
  • Digital Xray machine (AERB certified ) and RVG for dental xray on the dental chair minimizes the time of developing xrays by about 10 minutes to just 10 seconds so facilitate faster diagnosis as well as treatment too.
  • Digital xrays minimizes xray radiation exposure to just fractions of seconds in comparision to long radiation exposure of conventional film x rays.


  • Intraoral cameras and chair mounted screens to facilitate patient to visualizes their oral and teeth problems on the screens and understand the treatment options too.
  • Digital Xray and RVG to facilitate instant x rays for concerned tooth treatment.
  • Diagnosis is done by our expert dental team.
  • Visual explanation of all the treatment procedure is explained to patient by patient teaching softwares.

Dental Implant Treatment

  • More than 10 years of successful dental implant practice clinic.
  • Equipped with latest implant surgical instruments like Physiodispenser, CBCT Xray Softwares, Osteotomes, and latest and first in bihar osseodensification implant placement.
  • Vast range of imported dental implants including word best Nobel Biocare Active implants (first in Bihar).
  • We raplace single , multiple to all missing teeth by dental implants.
  • No bone to minimum bone, we have option for dental implants including All on Four and basal implants.
  • Multiple size implants stock is always there so no waiting time for implant placement.
  • Reasons 2 Smile is tied up with indias best dental lanb(Illusion dental lab, Mumbai) for Implant prosthesis (tooth Part) fabrication.

Rotary Root Canal Treatment

  • Painless, safe and successful RCT done by worlds best rotary machine.
  • RCT completed in just an hour in most of the cases.
  • Painless RCT done by proper anesthesia and latest equipments.
  • Range of rotary file system available to tackle any type of RCT.
  • Digital apexlocators to minimize dental xrays during RCT treatnment.
  • Range of dental crowns for RCT treated tooth including metal, PFM, Metal free crowns to restore the tooth.
  • One of the few dental clinics of Bihar using dental microscopes for rotary RCT of complicated cases.
  • Retreatment of failed RCTs.

Dental Crown and Bridges

  • Full range of dental cowns and bridges available.
  • Metal crowns and bridges for vback tooth upto 10 years warranty.
  • Laser sintered Porcelain fused metal (PFM) crowns & bridges upto 10 years warranty.
  • Metal free natural appearing (zirconia) crowns upto 15 years warranty.
  • Virtually unbreakable metal free crowns with 15 years warranty.

Teeth Whitening

  • Words best and safest Philips zoom teeth whitening system.
  • Teeth whitening in just an hour.


  • Treatment planning using softwares.
  • All ranges of braces available.
  • Latest clear removable aligners which let you free from fixed ugly braces.
  • Lingual braces placed on back surface of tooth, so invisible to others.
  • Tooth colored ceramic braces which is less conspicuous than metal braces.
  • Economical metal braces.
  • Habit braking appliances for thumb sucking and tongue thrusting habits.

Dentures and Removable Partial Dentures

  • Range of imported dentures.
  • Implant supported overdenture.
  • Hybrid dentures for full mouth implant cases.
  • Cast partial dentures for replacing few missining teeth.

Child Dentistry

  • Child treatment with proper outcome.
  • Early intervention to stop malalignment of teeth.
  • Fluoride application to prevent cavities.

Other Procedures

  • Atraumatic, painless tooth extraction.
  • Painless wisdom tooth extraction.
  • Minor surgeries like frenectomy.

Our Tie-ups and Accreditations

  • Biomedical waste disposal- IGIMS, Patna. Registration no- CBWTF/1867/2019
  • Fire safety licence- letter no- 437/2019
  • Bihar state pollution control board
  • Illusion Dental Laboratory, Mumbai.- laboratory partner
  • Metropolis healthcare pvt ltd, Mumbai- laboratory partner
  • Ultra tech laboratory( chattisgarh) for radiation dose monitoring
  • Saral dent pvt ltd- software partner
  • Banking partner- IDBI bank
  • Website – cranberry communication pvt ltd, Delhi

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