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Root Canal Treatment (RCT) Under Dental Microscope

Root Canal Treatment

Why RCT at Reasons 2 Smile?

RCT is a specialized and technique sensitive procedure. So you need a Root Canal specialist for best treatment. Dr. Rashmi Issar (Endodontist) is specialized in painless root canal treatment procedure and has done more than 10000 RCTs, she is specialized in using rotary machines and to perform RCTs under most advanced dental microscopes. Reasons 2 Smile is equipped with all modern amenities and their specialist to perform the best treatment.

What is RCT or Root Canal Treatment?

Our tooth has two main portions visible part or the portion of tooth we see in mouth is called crown and the invisible part or buried portion of tooth in the gums and underlying bone is called root of the tooth. Our tooth in the center has a hollow space filled with soft pulp tissues which carries nerve fibers also. This central soft tissue is protected by outer hard portion of tooth called dentin and enamel. The central soft pulp tissue communicates through underlying bone and nourishes the tooth. If this pulp tissue gets infected or traumatized by various reasons, the tooth becomes sensitive and painful. With time the pulp infection spreads in underlying bone and may lead to pain on chewing or pressure, radiating pain in the jaw, face and head on same side. Slowly this infection damages adjacent bone and forms granuloma, cyst or abscess and may infect adjacent healthy tooth. If untreated ultimately patient may loose the tooth.

Root canal treatment aims to treat this infected pulp tissue by removing infected pulp and filling the canals by artificial filling materials and finally restoring the damaged portion of tooth. An artificial crown is placed to restore the function, esthetics and physiology of the tooth.

My tooth is paining. Should I get it removed?

Do we treat pain of other parts of the body in same way. No.The old time of simply removing teeth has gone. We at Reasons 2 Smile under our specialist Dr. Rashmi Issar constantly focus on reliving pain in very first appointment and save the most of the tooth to stay forever.

Why saving a natural teeth is important?

Importance of saving a natural tooth will maintain

  • Esthetic i.e appearance
  • Function- chewing of food
  • Physiology- proper speech or phonation

So we recommend a better and patient friendly treatment, as in long terms a missing tooth will need a replacement so will cost extra financial burden on patient.

What is the purpose of RCT?

The sole purpose of root canal treatment is to remove the infection of tooth and save the tooth.

Am I a candidate for RCT?

If you have even one of these symptoms then we will advise you after proper diagnosis to opt for RCT.

Common Symptoms requiring an RCT

  • Severe tooth pain, typically relieved by cold water and increases with the intake of hot liquids.
  • Pain worsens when you lie down and reduces when you sit up.
  • Pain stays for a long time after consuming cold things.
  • Swelling around the tooth.
  • Constant tooth pain.
  • Pain when chewing.
  • Tooth pain referred to head and ears as well.
  • Deep cavity (carious) in tooth.
  • Severe attrition of tooth i.e loss of outer portion of tooth on grinding surface.
  • Fractured tooth may be due to trauma.

How much time it takes to complete a root canal treatment procedure?

Dr. Rashmi Issar,Endodontist(Root Canal Specialist) is specialized to perform RCT by rotary machines which facilitate treatment to complete in just an hour in comparison to old hand file system which takes 4-7 visits to finish the treatment. However if infection is more , she may decide to finish the treatment in 2-3 appointments.

What does treatment involve?

Treatment often involves from one to three visits. During treatment, Dr. Rashmi will remove the diseased pulp. The pulp chamber and root canal(s) of the tooth are then cleaned and sealed.

Here's how your tooth is saved through treatment:

  1. First, an opening is made through the crown of the tooth.
  2. An opening is made through the crown of the tooth into the pulp chamber.
  3. The pulp is then removed. The canal(s) is cleaned and shaped to a form that can be filled.
  4. The pulp is removed, and the root canals are cleaned, enlarged and shaped.
  5. Medications may be put in the pulp chamber and root canal(s) to help get rid of germs and prevent infection.
  6. A temporary filling will be placed in the crown opening to protect the tooth between dental visits. The tooth may be left open for a few days to drain. You might also be given medicine to help control infection that may have spread beyond the tooth.
  7. The pulp chamber and root canals are filled and sealed.
  8. The temporary filling is removed and the pulp chamber and root canal(s) are cleaned and filled.
  9. In the final step, a ceramic or porcelain crown is usually placed over the tooth.

Do I need a crown after RCT?

Ideally yes as a RCT treated tooth becomes brittle and prone to fracture so a crown protects and strengthens the tooth. Also it prevents seepage of any saliva or infection in RCT treated tooth. In long run RCT treated tooth gets discolored so a crown restores original color of tooth. A properly RCT treated tooth with a proper crown lasts forever. Reasons 2 Smile offers world’s best crown with warranty to ensure longevity of the treatment. So ask for best as you deserve the best.

I heard that RCT is a painful procedure?

Don’t go by words of others. Dr. Rashmi performs painless Rotary RCT. She will anesthetize the tooth and in our soothing ambience you won’t even come to know that you are undergoing any painful procedure. She will prescribe some medicines and also instruct you to take care of your treated tooth for uneventful outcome.

What are the charges for root canal treatment?

Our centre charges are 4000 for front tooth and 4500 for back tooth.

Does crown charges are included in RCT charges?

No. crown charges are separate and it depends upon patient choice of crowns.

How long will the restored tooth last?

Your restored tooth could last a lifetime, if you continue to care for your teeth and gums. However, regular checkups are necessary. As long as the root(s) of a treated tooth are nourished by the tissues around it, your tooth will remain healthy.

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